EDS 233A
Topics in Education Research and Design

 Winter 2010

Jim Levin

858/822-5721 <jalevin@ucsd.edu>
Office hours: 4-5 pm Weds or by appointment
Office: Pepper Canyon Hall 327

The focus of this seminar is the exploration of research methods for the study of learning and teaching. Our focus will be both research methodology and implications for learning theory.

Students will attend the EDS Winter Methodology Conference on Saturday Feb. 6, 2010. The Conference will include presentations on research methods in the study of teaching and learning, lunch, a poster session and round-tables (small discussion groups) about topics in research methodology. You will read an article by Hugh Mehan, the Conference keynote speaker, prior to the conference, and prepare a brief reflection paper due after the Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 16. On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, there will be a writing tutorial session to help you with writing up the methods sections (and other sections) of your thesis/first year paper.

Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010                 Class meeting,  Pepper Canyon Rm 361, 5pm - 7:50pm

Saturday Feb. 6, 2010                  Conference Pepper Canyon Hall 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Tuesday Feb. 16, 2010                 Reflection paper due, No 233A class meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010                Writing tutorial session, Pepper Canyon Rm 361, 5pm - 7:50pm

Reading: Mehan, H. (2008). Engaging the sociological imagination: My journey into design research and public sociology. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 39(1), 77–91.

Grade based on:

Reflection Paper due Feb. 16, 2010:
Write a reflection on the conference, up to 5 pages double-spaced, synthesizing at least three of the conference presentations (including presentations, keynote address, and round tables). In your paper make sure to name the presenter and the title of the presentation, for clarity. Here are some starting points for your reflections:

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