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  • EDS 297 Distributed Learning
    Spring 2011

    Education Studies
    University of California, San Diego

    Tuesday, 5 pm - 7:50 pm
    Room 348, Pepper Canyon Hall, UC San Diego

    Seminar leader: Jim Levin

    Seminar members

    This seminar will explore a new perspective on learning, Distributed Learning, in which the spatial, temporal and abstract distributions of learning are examined along with the forms of mediation that span those distributions. This perspective draws upon several theoretical frameworks for individual and group learning, including sociocultural historical activity theory, distributed cognition, and organizational learning. We will address learning at a variety of levels of analysis, from the individual through the organizational levels. Participants will select a set of focus issues to address, which may include such issues as multiple representations in the development of individuals' concepts of number, the role of artifacts in learning, the co-construction of educational reform, or other issues in learning. The participants in the seminar will jointly examine, modify, and construct models of learning in a multi-agent simulation building system, NetLogo. We will construct a powerful distributed learning environment to support our own learning within this seminar.

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    URL: http://edsserver.ucsd.edu/courses/eds297/sp11/