UCSD Education Studies
EDS 128B/139 - Spring 2006

Introduction to Teaching and Learning (Elementary)

Instructor: Caren Holtzman (choltzman@ucsd.edu - 858.534.1685)

Teaching Assistants:
Pam Long (pam@thewritingnet.org - 858.274.0905)
Kathy Melanese (kmelanese@ucsd.edu - 858.243.9019)
Rick Smith (rjsmith@ucsd.edu - 760.815.1053)

Course Syllabus

Weekly Journal Format and Content

CTA Roles and Responsibilities

Letter of Introduction

Orientation Guide

Arts and Education Projects

Arts Websites

Project Outlines

"Soul of a Young Girl...Dances of Anne Frank"

Math Assignment

Math Lesson and Lesson Plan Template

For Final

Final Assignments

CTA Evaluation Form