Health Education, TEP 181, Summer 1996

Instructor: Jose Smith , office at TEP 519, (619) 534-1683

Class meets: MTThF 10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. in building 517, ERC

Course Description

This survey course includes, lectures, guest presentations, activity components, and reading/internet assignments on contemporary health issues.

Course Goal

This course provides students with information and experiences that will assist them in making appropriate personal health choices and in developing learning experiences related to contemporary health issues.

Course Topics and Guest Speaker Schedule

1st Session: Monday July 8 Sexual Health Issues
Lupe Samaniego-Krause, Director of Health Education, UCSD Student Health Center

2nd Session: Tuesday July 9 Human Reproduction
Diane Smith, Certified Midwife, California Association of Midwives

3rd Session: Thursday July 11 AIDS Education & Prevention
Ernie Castro and guests, Nurse Educator, VA Hospital
Board Member, Fraternity House
Children and AIDS fact sheet

4th Session: Friday July 12 ³Ask Me If I Care² Adolescent Art Exhibit
Teen Artist/Docent, Children¹s Museum San Diego

5th Session: Monday July 15 CPR
John McGregor, Emergency Training Network (1-800-400-4CPR)
First Aid Online

6th Session: Tuesday July 16 Child Abuse
Bob Platt, Supervisor
Child Protection Services
Child abuse fact sheet
Responding to child abuse

7th Session: Thursday July 18 Adolescent Development and Alcohol-Drug Abuse
Murriel Mandell, MFCC
Family Guidance Services
Children of Alcoholics fact sheet

8th Session: Friday July 19 Understanding Adolescence
Lynn Rice, Nurse Practitioner
UCSD Medical Center, Department of Adolescent Medicine

9th Session: Monday July 22 Teen Suicide/ Death and Dying
JP Gendron, Social Worker, San Diego Hospice
Children and Grief fact sheet

10th Session: Tuesday July 23 Fitness, Nutrition & Stress Management
Howard Hunt, Professor Emeritus, UCSD
Eating Disorders

Recommended Reading

Carnegie Quarterly Vol XXXVII/Number 4 Fall 1992 (Ruth Howell contribution)
Great transitions: preparing adolescents for a new century, Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development,
P.O. Box 753, Waldorf, MD 20604 (copies for $10.00, (202) 429-7979
An Invitation to Health by Dianne Hales
Reviving Ophelia, Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
Positivley Aware, The Quarterly Journal of Test Positive Aware Network
Human Sexuality by Jeffrey Nevid,
AIDS Issues, Confronting the Challenge Edited by David Hallman
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome by Gerlad Stine
The Essential AIDS Fact Book by Paul Harding Douglas
Teaching AIDS by Douglas Tonks
The Future of Children, Center for the Future of Children Vol.4, Num.3 1994
Youth and Drugs: Society's Mixed Messages US Dept of Health and Human Services
Stress and Health by Phillip L. Rice
Understanding Reproduction, Birth and Contraception by Clint Bruess, et. al.
Women's Health UC Berkeley School of Public Health, 1994
Nutrition UC Berkeley School of Public Health, 1994
Men's Health UC Berkeley School of Public Health, 1994
Wellness Lecture Series University of California Health Net Wellness Lecture Series


Response Journal

As you interact with our guest speakers and the recommended readings and internet websites, keep a journal where you discuss your response to the ideas presented. In this way begin to connect these ideas to your own storehouse of knowledge and experience.
As you reflect, think and question, listen carefully to yourself and attempt to describe the effect of this course experience.
Let your responses connect to an idea, reject an idea, or create an idea. Find associations. See where they lead: to images; student experience; curriculum.
Respond thoughtfully. Write honestly. Expand upon our guest speakers' ideas. Attempt to discover your own ideas or position.
Prepare to share your journal entries in class with the whole group, with a partner, or within a group setting. Also prepare to respond verbally, or in writing, to the journal entries of other class participants.

The following "starters" may help you:
1. I began to think of...
2. I don't see...
3. I like the idea...
4. I like the way...
5. I can't understand...
6. I was reminded of...
7. Why did...
8. I agree with...
9. I disagree with...
10. It reminded me of...

Write down words, images, phrases, quotations, or details that impress you. Write why they impressed you. Carry on a dialogue with the guest speaker or with an author. Or, write a letter to the guest speaker or author.

Submit your response journal (with ten journal entries, one for each topic discussed) by the afternoon of July 23. Let me know which two journal entries you would like me to focus on when I review your journal.

Sample Student Journal Entries

This section to be developed by journal entries submitted by current students.

Our favorite health education places on the Internet

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