TEP 203A

Technology, Teaching, and Learning

Fall 2005

Instructor: Jim Levin (email: jalevin@ucsd.edu)  & class members

Meeting Place: TEP KECK Computer Lab, UCC Bldg 518, Room D

My Office: UCC Bldg 519, 1st Floor            My Office Phone: 858/822-5722

Meeting Times: See Calendar

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In this course, you will learn to use a variety of computer applications useful for teaching and learning, and you will build your own web site. We will explore three main topic areas: Technology and Online Content, Technology and Digital Media, and Technology for Classroom Teaching.

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Course Reader
Available from University Readers at the first class session.

Course Scope

In this course, you will learn to use a variety of computer applications and advanced technology tools to examine and explore the use of technology-supported curriculum in the K-12 classroom.

You will also research the connection between technology and learning, exploring its current effects and application in the classroom and its potential to transform the way we teach and learn.

Class Format

The first part of each class will be devoted to lectures, demonstrations and discussions. The remaining class time will be devoted to hands-on laboratory activities.

Computer Availability

The TEP Keck Laboratory Classroom contains 30 networked Macintosh computers and two laser printers for student use.  This facility is available to you from 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. The Graduate Commons has 15 networked computers available 24/7.  Both labs have comparable software applications loaded.

Your grade for this course will be based upon:

1) Completion of assignments & projects (30%),
2) Completion of website (30%),
3) Lecture/Demo attendance (10%),
4) Final - Educational Technology White Paper (30%)

Overview of Course Assignments and Projects

There will be nine types of assignments and projects for this class:

1.     Website: You will create a personal website that will become your presence on the Internet as well as the location for all of the course assignments.
2.     ePortfolio Account: You will establish your TEP ePortfolio Account, which you will use throughout the TEP program.
3.     Acrobat file: You will create a school newsletter using MS Word and then convert that document to a PDF file.
4.     Web Searches: You will learn how to effectively search for information of the web.
5.     Digital Photo: You will be creating two pieces of digital photographic art using Photoshop Elements.
6.     iMovie: You will learn digital video editing and create your own group movie.
7.     PowerPoint: You will create a PowerPoint presentation that will be converted to a web-format for viewing on your website.
8.     Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel): This is a powerful tool suite. You will be introduced to some of the features that make a teacher's job easier.
9.     WebQuest: You will explore the WebQuest curriculum model, learning about the use and implementation of WebQuests.
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Online Content

Session 1

9/6, Tue

1-6 pm

Technology Skill Survey

Introduction to Network File Structure

   Establish Online ePortfolio Account

   Begin work on your Website

 * Website Checklist

Session 2

9/8, Thur

1-6 pm

   Creating PDF Files

   PDF vs. HTML

   Searching the Web: Reliability of Web resources
    The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
    Evaluating Web Pages

 * PDF Checklist
 * Web Search Activity
   • Seven Steps
      Don't forget the Quiz
   • Four Nets
   Website Evaluation: evaluate a controversal web site, using the handout and evaluate a "hoax" web site, using the back of the handout

 * PDF vs. HTML
 * Searching Techniques (from UC Berkeley)


Digital Media

Session 3

9/9, Fri

1-6 pm

   Digital Photograph Editing with Elements


   Copyright and Fair use

 * Photo Checklist
 * Level 1 Hoax Test

 Create your own hoax photo
 * Level 4 Hoax Test

 * Digital Image Basics (this has a lot of info)
 * Copyright and Fair Use for Teachers

Session 4

9/14, Wed

1-6 pm

   Digital Video editing with iMovie

 * Movie Checklist

 * Digital Video in the Classroom


Classroom Application

Session 5

9/15, Thur

1-6 pm

Teacher Productivity Applications




 * Excel tutorial
 * Advanced Word features
 * PowerPoint Checklist

 * PowerPoint: The 7 Deadly Sins

Session 6

9/17, Sat

9 am - 2 pm


   FINAL presentations

* Evaluate four WebQuests: "A Webquest about WebQuests" in a group of 3 or 4, using the WebQuests Worksheet.
* Create a new WebQuest in a group of 3 or 4. Start with a WebQuest template. Save the web site, put it on someone's web space, and link to it from your assignments page.

 * Thoughts from WebQuest's Creator
 * One WebQuest Experience

Final Presentation

On the final class session you will be expected to present a piece of your work from the course assignments. You may select any piece you wish, but it must be a single artifact that was created over the course of your work in class. You will have approximately 5 minutes.

All presentation will be shown through the website that you created for the course.

Educational Technology White Paper

The final for this course will require you to create an Educational Technology White Paper exploring and discussing the current research evaluating the effect of classroom technology on student learning. You will also create an annotated bibliography for the paper. You will need to cite a minimum of 6 sources and the paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 6 pages.

The paper must be converted to PDF or HTML format, then uploaded and linked to the "Integrating Technology to Enhance Instruction" section of your portfolio.


The readings listed below are intended to support your research on the final paper topic. All these reading are available through the course website.

  1. Developing Assessments for Tomorrow's Classrooms, Barbara Means, Bill Penuel, and Edys Quelimalz
  2. Reinventing Schools, National Academy of Science HTML version | PDF version

Other Sources of Readings