Basic Journalism Story Writing

This will help you write a very short journalism story. Fill in the fields below, then click on the "Write a draft journalism story!" button at the bottom. Each box may include from one to three sentences. Remember that good journalism most often does not include "I," "you," or "we." Keep in mind that journalism is generally in past tense.

Headline (Include a subject and a verb. Remember to use present tense!)

Byline (Write your name on top of your title.)

Lead (Include 5 W's and the H. The lead should be 25 words or less. In a sports story, include who won and by how much.)

Back-up quote (Remember to use the past tense for the attribution.)

Transition paragraph (This paragraph should tie the two quotes together.)

Another quote (Attribution is always in past tense.)

Transition paragraph

Quote or more details about the event.

Tie-up paragraph (This is optional. In a sports story, let the reader know when future games will be. In a nutshell, what is the last thing the reader should read?)

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