Exemplary teacher web sites

Jenny Moore and Kiersten Chuven found the following sites that are good sources for English teachers:

1. http://www.webenglishteacher.com/

Web English Teacher is a portal to all kinds of valuable information that English teachers use including pages related to: AP and IB, critical thinking, grammar, mythology, etc. You can find lesson plans, resources for research, study guides, etc.

2. http://school.discovery.com/teachers/index.html

This site contains materials that can be used in the classroom in conjunction with television programs on the Discovery channel. It also contains lesson plans (Kathy Schrock portals) and teacher tools like a puzzlemaker and clipart gallery.

3. http://www.ncte.org/homepage/

Here, you can join the National Council of Teachers of English, subscribe to or read past issues of NCTE journals, learn about conventions, chat with other teachers, read related news stories, and find lesson plans and teacher tools.

4. http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/resources/resframe.html

On San Diego County Office of Education's website, you can find lesson plans related to any grade or content area, links to news stories, education statistics. You can find webquests, literature guides, assessment tools, etc.

5. http://www.inspiration.com/home.cfm

Inspiration is very user-friendly software which helps kids think critically and make connections using interactive graphic organizers. Many templates are available for collecting and connecting information about any subject area. Graphic organizers can then be converted into linear outlines with the click of a button. This can help kids comprehend the translation of groups of ideas to the organization of an essay more immediately than a teacher could otherwise provide. Although this software must be purchased, you can get a 30-day free trial.

Dear Dr. Levin,
Along with this message you will find our ranked-ordered exemplary web sites for teachers:

1. http://askeric.org/cgi-bin/lessons.cgi/Foreign_Language/Spanish

This web site provides lessons for teachers, first through eleventh grade, and lessons to help with ideas for other lessons for both beginning teachers and experienced teachers. Teachers can write lesson plans and submit them to this web site. Since this is an ERIC website, there are links to other ERIC websites, and feedback can be provided by the user.

2. http://teachspanish.com

This web site is titled "The Global Community for Spanish Language Teaching Professionals. The website offers many opportunities for professional growth: Spanish training, lesson ideas, learning tools, career center, community forums, and a resource center. Teachers can contact a resident expert who can answer questions about speaking Spanish or working with "Hispanic" people.

3. http://www.education-world.com/foreign_lang/classroom/spanish.shtml

This website is "Education World: The Educator's Best Friend." It offers many resources and links to other resources. Lesson plans are available for the various levels of proficiency. Other resources available include articles, a resource center, subject resources, information about studying abroad, and contact information for Education World.

4. http://teach-nology.com

This website offers many resources for teachers: best sites, downloads, games, lesson plans, rubrics, message boards, teacher tools, memberships, teacher t-shirts, tutorials, worksheets, and a free newsletter. This website has so much information to support learning and teaching.

5. http://www.csun.edu/~hcedu013/eslsp.html#Lesson%20Plans

This website has lesson plans, resources, museums, and exhibitions available to teachers of students taking foreign languages. There is a link available to other websites, such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). There are many links available to other links that could be used to enhance learning in the classroom.

Lilia Herrera
Kenia Milloy

Subject: Cristy McConahey & Stephanie Lessman
Teacher websites:

1. http://www.thegateway.org/ - A teacher's dream. This site provides links to lesson plans, units of study and other educational resources as a search engine. It is useful to any grade level (including college) and allows for general as well as specific topic requests. Especially useful is the box you can check to request only free resources.

2. http://www.lessonplanspage.com/index.html - This page not only provides links to a wide gamut of lesson plans for all subjects and grade levels, it also provides a forum for teacher discussions, related literature and aarticles, and even information specific to the career of teaching, such as certification, jobs and retirement.

3. http://school.discovery.com/teachers/index.html - This website is a fantastic website for teachers. It allows teachers to create lesson plans, puzzlemakers, as well as obtaining clip art for teacher use. Teachers have the option of manipulatiing the material to fit the appropriate grade level and subject matter. Everything can be done in printable versions and for free.

4. http://teacher.scholastic.com - This webiste has access to lesson plans. This website is appropriate for grades k-8. It allows teachers to match their lessons to the standards. It further allows you to build a class homepage as well as create a teacher planning calendar.

5. http://teachers.net - This is a fantastic site for teachers to interact with other professionals. There are live chatrooms, a teacher chatboard, in addition to teacher mail rings. It further provides access to affiliates in various countries. Teachers can have resources to lesson plans ans well as articles necessary to their subject matter. There is a build in library for teachers to access. It is a great resource for teachers to collaborate with one another.

From: megan ryan <megryan5@yahoo.com>
Websites for us to use as teachers:

1. This site commentary regarding children's literature, including links to new literature, book awards, book discussions, readers theater recommendations, and recommended books. This University of Calgary site provides a variety of information about Internet resources related to books for children and young adults. Strengths are the ability to quickly see and gain background knowledge about books that are new or popular in the children's literature market, as it seems up-to-date. Also relates well to teaching terminology and activities.

2. This site provides review of childrens books. Links to curriculum areas provides excellent ideas/models for integrating language arts with math, science, and social studies. Objectives and main ideas are clear and easy to use.

3. This sites value lies in its access to the information from the International Reading Association. Conference details, events, publications, articles, article archives, news briefs, booklists, and a "bookstore" are provided. The site has credibility because of the stature of the IRA and the topic organization makes it very attractive as a research site.

4. This site provides a great base for some definitions of reading components. It outlines the "big ideas" in teaching beginning reading, how to assess, and what implementation looks like in your school. This is supported by the Oregon Department of Education. A strength is that it is enjoyable to read, as it presents some lengthy information in a more exiting and focused pattern that is enjoyable to the reader.

5. Excellent site for definitions of reading components: vocabulary, fluency, decoding, research, comprehension. Gives easy to use charts and tables to show the most important aspects. Supported by US Department of Education. Links are clear and helpful with research.

Jim--Here are descriptions for a few of the URLs I listed. I will continue to add descriptions to the others. Thank you, Kerry Ensberg
Kerry's and Agustin's

http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/resources/resframe.html This is a directory of educational resources compiled by the San Diego County Office of Education. It includes a variety of links across all subject areas.

http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/index.html Kathy Schrock's guide for educators at discovery.com provides lesson plans and teaching ideas in every subject area.

http://databank.ncss.org This is a general directory of educational resources provided by the National Council for Social Studies.

http://www.proteacher.com/ Proteacher Includes lesson plans, materials, and references for elementary school teachers.

http://www.readingonline.org/ This is a journal of K-12 research and practice published by the International Reading Association. Includes articles and resources for educators.

http://www.nsta.org/elementaryschool This is a website for the National Science Teachers Assocation. Includes lesson plans and resources for all grade levels.

http://www.nctm.org/elementary/index.asp This is a website for the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Includes lesson plans and resources for all grade levels.

http://www.ncte.org/elem/ This is a website for the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Includes lesson plans and resources for all grade levels.

Subject: URLs from Kim & Jo and why we chose them

Revised and improved list of excellent URLs for both teachers and students:

For teachers: http://abcteach.com This site has tons of stuff for teachers, printables, month to month units.

http://surfnetkids.com Web resources categorized by topic. Free newsletter, new Web-site reviews.

http://edhelper.com Outstanding rich site loaded with stuff, lesson plans, prof.development.

http://teachers.teach-nology.com/index.html This site offers lesson plans, prof.dev. and lots more.

http://educationworld.com/standards/national/index.shtml This site has lesson plans, activities for all grades.

Useful Websites

Sally Nguyen & Camille Gibson

Description: This website is a good resource of teacher-created webquest examples, broken down by subject and grade levels. The webquests are problem-based activities that require students to search different websites and resources to solve the problem. Many of the webquests promote student collaboration as tasks are assigned to each team member. In addition, it provides a guide for teachers who wish to create their own webquests.
Exemplary website: This website not only promotes student collaboration and authentic learning, it also allows the teacher to guide his/her students through the learning process using the web as a tool. Moreover, it teaches people who are unfamiliar with webquests how to create one. Many of the webquests contain activities that can spark teachers to create new lessons or modify it to fit their students’ needs.

Description: This website is the work of the National Health Museum and specifically deals with science research, classroom lessons and student problem-based activities.
Exemplary website: Both Camille and I are science teachers. As such, this is a wonderful resource because it offers current news in science, science research projects and a vast collection of science activities. Moreover, the National Health Museum created problem-based interactive activities that teach students specific topics in science.

Description: Rubistar is a website devoted to rubric assessments. It contains rubric templates for all subjects. If a teacher wishes to create his/her own rubric, it has a program that will do it for you. Also, the website contains examples of problem-based checklists and directions how to create your own problem-based checklist.
Exemplary website: By showing examples and having a program that helps you make a rubric, it takes the guesswork out of making assessment rubrics. These rubrics can be stored online and modified by the teacher. The project-based checklists are a valuable tool for teachers who use them in the classroom.

Description: This website contains many teaching tools (such as Puzzlemaker) and lesson plans for teachers. It has Kathy Schrock’s guide for teachers (an enormous list of web resources) and video clips.
Exemplary website: The best thing about this website are the tools and Kathy Schrock’s list of other websites. Also, teachers can show the video clips in class in conjunction with the lesson. The lesson plans can be modified for use in the classroom.

Description: This website previews the free supplements geared for teaching science in any grade level.
Exemplary website: The previews allow teachers the opportunity to see the subject of each supplemental packet. It also allows teachers to request the free packet and CD-ROM. Teachers may also download the information from the website. Each packet contains many different activities pertaining to the science subject with background information provided for the teacher.

From Ruthie, Becky, and Jill

Teacher Resources:


This is a quality teacher resource because it has a variety of graphic organizers, lesson plans, and strategies. It also has links to research articles as well as links to the California Department of Education, which has links to all of the high-stakes tests. We like this web page becasue the lay-out is teacher friendly and the resources are practical. Jim Burke is a well respected educator in Califoria and he is a leader in CATE.


This a publisher's website with links to a number of materials (primarily published texts) in a variety of fields. Our favorite author is Carol Booth Olson. This website is a companion to her book, The Reading/Writing Conenction, and is filled with graphic organizers, lesson plans, blackline masters, and rubrics which aide the implementation of her approach to secondary Language Arts. She is an exemplary teacher becasue she is the head of the Irvine Writing Project, and therefore, has a lot of information to share.


This site is designed to help content area teachers implement reading strategies. It has a lot of information: graphic organizers, lesson plans, and blackline masters for reading strategies such as QAR, Reciprocal Teaching, and Questioning the Author. This site is easily navigated and it is reliable because it hosted by the University of Virginia.


This website helps teachers create a variety of rubrics for all disciplines. It is easy to navigate, there are many rubric templates, and it can save teacher designed rubrics. There is a tutorial to help you create rubrics and also tips for analyzing your rubric data. It is a free resource.


This the San Diego County Office of Education's website. There are many links to all types of issues effecting the county department of education. For example, for each subject area, there are test results, lesson plans, literature guides, and many other resources teachers can use in the Language Arts classroom. It is easy to navigate and teachers of all disciplines can utilize this site. It is a relaible source because it is from the County Office of Education.

Brooke and Christy's Web Site List

For The Teacher:

California Department of Education Important site for new and veteran teachers (and parents) with links to standards, school, data, important programs

K12 Education Resources
Teachers can search websites listed by topic, content area, resources or do a search; also has links for parents and students

National Service Learning Clearinghouse
Good source for teachers interested in service learning projects with a history, resources, publications, journals, freebies, links

Amazing Space
Good source for basic information on astronomy and space science; useful links for teachers

Frank Potter's Science Gems
An excellent source for both teachers and students with links to many different science topics and levels including Web Quests, links, reference centers and a search feature

Barbara Edwards and Phil Ensberg

5 Sites for Teachers:

1. http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us/
Great resource for demographic data on districts and California schools.

2. http://www.ascd.org/
Link to Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, an association devoted to sharing resources for teachers/administrators.

3. http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/
CA standards-based lesson plans/curriculum for Language Arts.

4. http://geography.about.com/cs/blankoutlinemaps/?once=true&
Blank black line masters of maps from different countries for printing.

5. http://hsscentral.guhsd.net/
Convenient, pop-up site with current CA state standards in Social Studies for all grade levels.