TEP 233A Topics in Education Research and Design
Winter 2004

Teacher Education Program
University of California, San Diego

Four Mondays during Winter Quarter, 5 pm - 6:50 pm
Room A (Large Conference Room), Building 518

Jim Levin
Class members

The focus of this pro-seminar is on the exploration of important research methods for the study of learning and teaching. We will meet together with four educational researchers, who will present their research and engage in a discussion about research methods. The class will be divided into four groups, each of which will be responsible for preparing for the presentation of one of the researchers and for creating summary resources concerning the presentation.

January 12: Jim Levin, Teacher Education Program, UCSD: "Multiple Coordinated Research Methods"

January 26: Sharon Tettegah, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: "Teaching and Learning Portals: What Can We Learn?"

February 2: Amy Binder, Department of Sociology, UCSD: "Cultural Sociological Approaches to Studying Education"

February 9: Claire Ramsey, Teacher Education Program, UCSD: "What Happens When a Language Cannot Recruit Native Speakers?"

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