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  • TEP 261 Advanced Research & Evaluation Methods
    Fall 2004

    Teacher Education Program
    University of California, San Diego

    Wednesday, 5 pm - 7:50 pm
    Large Seminar Room, Building 518, UCtr, UCSD

    Seminar leader: Jim Levin

    Seminar members

    This course addresses advanced topics in research design and methodology. Seminar members will hone the requisite research skills to conduct dissertation research, and will gain varied hands-on experiences in collecting and analyzing data relevant to schooling, as well as learn how to develop, manage and analyze large data files. Each seminar member will create a research agenda and develop skills needed in proposal writing: development, organization and coherence, conceptualization of research design, and attention to audience and writing style.

    Last updated: December 29, 2004
    URL: http://tepserver.ucsd.edu/courses/tep261/fa04/