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  • TEP 261 Advanced Research & Evaluation Methods
    Spring 2005

    Teacher Education Program
    University of California, San Diego

    Wednesday, 5 pm - 7:50 pm
    Teaching Lab (Room 111), Building 519, UCtr, UCSD

    Seminar leader: Jim Levin

    Seminar members

    This course addresses advanced topics in research design and methodology. Students hone the requisite research skills to conduct dissertation research. Students gain varied hands-on experiences in collecting and analyzing data relevant to schooling, as well as learn how to develop, manage and analyze large data files. Students create a research agenda and develop skills needed in proposal writing: development, organization and coherence, conceptualization of research design, and attention to audience and writing style.

    Last updated: June 5, 2005
    URL: http://tepserver.ucsd.edu/courses/tep261/sp05/