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  • TEP 290 Distributed Learning
    Fall 2005

    Education Studies
    University of California, San Diego

    Seminar leader: Jim Levin

    Seminar members

    This seminar will address distributed learning, a perspective on learning that focuses on its distribution in space and time, and on the mediation of that distribution. The seminar will be organized around a set of visits to different research groups that address issues related to distributed learning. Each seminar member will be responsible for organizing some of the visits, for leading discussion of the distributed learning issues arising from the visits (before, during, and after the visits), and for summarizing the visits and discussion in a seminar paper. Some of the visits will be face-to-face, some will be to distant research groups using teleconferencing. Some of the seminar members will be participating from a distance as well, so the seminar itself will be a living laboratory for distributed learning.

    Last updated: February 17, 2006
    URL: http://tepserver.ucsd.edu/courses/tep290/fa05/